I do this blog to share things on my mind, get inspiration and maybe inspire others. I strongly believe in creating value – that is the key to a fulfilling and happy existence.

Many things are related, much more than is apparent, and trying to relate brings new insight and helps create value. It is what I am thriving to do professionally, relating technology and business – with people. I was very fortunate to start my professional life with the emergence of the Personal Computer and the “democratization” of computing, which keeps evolving and generating excitement and creativity.

The picture in the header is also significant. It was taken by my wife in our backgarden in Geneva, during a summer thunderstorm. A rare combination of softly lighted trees, a broad rainbow and a bolt lightning. Actually, the lightning was not there when the shutter button was pressed (this was one of the first digital cameras with a shutter latency of several seconds). The message? Timing is really important, and we rarely can control it. So we’d better be attentive, be there when it happens and be prepared to take action…

Let’s enjoy the times and continue to get engaged and excited.

One last thing – in order not to overlook the legal aspect, the content in this blog is personal and unless explicitly stated does not reflect any official opinions, ideas, thoughts, points of view, or any other potential attribution to any contributor’s, commentator’s, or author’s current, past, or future employers.


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  1. Discovered your blog post via bing the other day and absolutely like it. Keep up this fantastic work.

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