On Blogs and Web Litter

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I just read “On the-volatility-of-startups” – a blog post by Nathan Zeldes, and realized that my last blog post dates back to December 2012.

So I wanted to send out a sign that I am up and running, only that what I am focusing on in the last year is not yet publishable. So by all means, do visit Nathan’s blog and read his Startup’s post – I could not have expressed it better.

I do want to quote his closing lines:
“So dead startups serve as the seeds of new ones. Innovation always moves on!As for the dead websites they leave littering the web… I wish they’d have the presence of mind to do the right thing and wrap things up, sharing with the rest of us what happened, where they’re heading, and what we can learn from it. But they should definitely keep the blog up and available: there’s so much wisdom in a blog’s archives, and it’s all searchable by Google. Let us have that as a parting gift…”

So I’m not near to parting – but I feel better about not nurturing enough my blog…


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