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A Tip on the Long Tail of Top Management

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Taking risks is inherent in top management roles, but some often suppressed aspects are isolation and doubt. With the increase of economic and political uncertainly and complexity, top managers need to be able to ponder alternatives and decisions with stakeless peers – something that they cannot find in their Boards or management groups.

This need starts to be addressed through an innovative combination of people and technology.

It is no secret that the 50+ employment market for senior managers is shrinking at an accelerated pace. Many seniors turn to consultancy services as an alternative. This move is not only motivated by economic reasons (income), but also by professional and lifestyle reasons. Indeed, lifescience and healthcare extended our life expectancy to a point where many seniors are fit and eager to continue working well into their 70’s.

The Internet and related technologies prompted and enabled tailored and personalized conduct of business (“The Long Tail”), where individualized products and services are sold in unit quantities to large numbers of consumers – at mass market prices.

Emerging business consultancy practices build upon these new realities and offer long tail senior management consulting. The underlying idea is to promote the wealth of knowledge and experience of available senior managers via relevant internet platforms, offering very flexible and tailored engagements – a phone conference, web session, several day missions or long term engagements.

Now, top management roles can be more effective and less lonesome, and obtain stakeless peer support in virtually any field. When faced with a critical decision, top managers can resort to one of these practices and obtain just the right amount of the right support – without having to pay arm and leg.

For reference, here are a couple of long tail consulting practices:,