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Green IT from a different angle

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I just returned from a few days of hiking in the Swiss National Park. Leaving behind the daily comforts and making do with whatever you can fit into the backpack is something I enjoy doing infrequently, yet this time IT just would not let us go. To start with, as we approached the park, we passed through Saas (no kidding – that’s a real village).

Stopping at the Park’s visitors’ center for a last update, we were offered the WebPark SNP (that is the device in the picture). As you can see, besides the basic trekking map and GPS you can also enable an attractions service, which alerts you to points of interest, plants and animals as you walk in their proximity. It can also alert you to specific conditions if such arise. As you can expect, payment is via a daily fee – a very tangible and pragmatic WaaS (widget as a service…).

Web Park is a European project focused on providing visitors of protected and recreation areas with location-aware services. These services can enhance the quality of the user experience and facilitate the protection of habitats and natural resources by better informing users on their surroundings. It offers a combination of pull and push services, multiple location technologies and multiple data sources.

Back in the office, it continues to provide food for thought – a good way to transition back from vacation.